Our Service Fee Philosophy


We don't claim to be everything to everyone.  Such a statement would be unsubstantiated and unsustainable.  Our core approach to devising our service fee for our clients is founded on the following key principles:


  • We aim to make money with our client, not from our clients.  Accordingly our fees are agreed to with our client before we commence any service so transparency and assurance is achieved
  • We aim to establish a fixed fee agreement with clients to reinforce our core principles of transparency and assurance with all agreed services reflected in the agreement
  • For ease of cash flow, budget and forecasting fixed fee agreements are paid in twelve (12) monthly instalments
  • Up front annual fee payments attract discounts as a reward for paying in advance
  • As no two client's needs are the same nor are our fees.  We tailor of services and fees to cater for each client's needs individually resulting in a range of fee structures and service levels being presented, allowing clients to tailor the level of service and value they wish to receive
  • We do not compete on price, rather the value in services delivered to our clients, if price is your key driver than we may not be the organisation for you
  • Certain specific business or taxation transactions may not lend themselves to a fixed price agreement therefore we will communicate and agree with you the best alternative pricing structure that reflects the value received from our services