Just a courtesy email to advise you that your December 2017 Business Activity Statement (BAS) will be due for lodgement and payment (if applicable) on the 28th of February 2018.  If you have a XERO Accounting platform we will be working through your transactions over the coming weeks to review and reconcile all your transactions and ensure all payroll and superannuation obligations have been recorded correctly.  If you have had any major asset purchases during the December quarter please provide us with the relevant information and documents regarding the purchase so we can correctly account for the transaction.

If you normally provide us with a series of files and documents to assist us with completing your BAS then can you please email or upload these items to the Client Portal by no later than the 31st of January 2018.

We will be on contact with you once the December BAS has been completed; if in the interim you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us.