Yesterday, ARGO Business Solutions announced via email the launch of it's new mobile phone APPLICATION.  Inadvertently, the email contained a minor typo error in the spelling of my name which may have resulted in some clients questioning the legitimacy of the email.

I can assure all clients that the email was legitimate and that the links contained in the email are genuine and not malicious.

 The APPLICATION will provide you the client with greater connect-ability with your Trusted Advisor and facilitate timely sharing of information.  Some of the key features are:

  •  ability to request an appointment or refer a colleague or friend
  • ease and convenience to access on-line resources such as calculators, tools, government services, financial news and more
  • receive reminders and information updates via the "Push Message" function
  • send short messages via the "Voice Memo" function
  • access to the latest events that affect your business and taxation affairs via the "Tax Alert" and "Bus Alert" functions.
  • Tired of storing receipts and invoices in a shoe box; use the "Quick Scan" function to upload your receipts to us anytime during the year
  • Needs to sign documents on the move, ARGO Business Solutions can now get you to sign these using the "Quick Sign" function; simple and easy

 The APP know as ARGO Business Solutions can be downloaded from the GOOGLE Play and APPLE stores; please click on the following links to download the APP. 


To obtain full functionality from the APP we recommend once you have downloaded the APP click on the information icon and complete your registration details and submit for registration. 

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me.