For the December 2016 quarter you are now required to report and pay your superannuation obligations via SuperStream.  Previously we have advised that client's had three (3) options for becoming compliant with SuperSteeam:

  1. utilise the Australian Taxation Office platform for reporting via SuperStream;
  2. engage with your superannuation fund(s) to utilise their platform; or
  3. utlise the platform provided by XERO Accounting.

This email outlines the steps required to activate SuperSteam within XERO Accounting to be compliant.  Regardless of what platform you decide to choose you must be complaint and pay your December 2016 quarterly superannuation obligations by the 28th of JANUARY 2017.

The following link provides a video overview of the set-up steps within XERO Accounting to establish auto superannuation payments.

If you are planning to utilise the XERO Auto Superannuation Payment Platform please ensure that first all your employee details are present including most importantly, their superannuation fund details.

 For all client's with a XERO 'PREMIUM' Subscription your monthly fee provides access to the Auto Superannuation Payments Function.  To access this function simply click on 'PAYROLL' and select 'SUPERANNUATION'



The following page will appear and to register your business simply click on the 'Online Registration Form' and complete the form.

 When selecting the period for which auto super should commenced please ensure you nominate the 1st of October 2016 so the system will process your December 2016 quarter superannuation obligations.

 Once the form is complete and lodged XERO together with it's third-party provider will set up the Auto Superannuation Payment platform allowing you to submit and pay your obligations.

We encourage you to register as soon as practical so you are SuperStream compliant for 2017.

 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.